Feuerring Northeim

“Ring of Fire” at the FREIgeist

The “Ring of Fire” is a unique objet d’art created by the steel sculptor Andreas Rechlin from Switzerland. The interplay of modern design with culinary diversity is also unique. The fire bowl with a ring of steel at the top is made of solid steel plate.

Roughly or more finely chopped logs from the forest provide the glowing embers for the fire bowl. The broad upper ring of the steel bowl reaches temperatures between 180 - 300 degrees. In winter the blazing flames represent a special invitation – first enjoy the fresh air and then get warm again. In summer the Ring of Fire is a central meeting place for many occasions.

Set on fire now

Buffet “Ring of Fire”!

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Telephone bookings:+49 5551 607-0

price: € 37.00
(Price per person incl. currently valid sales tax)


We have our new concept, namely, we do not wait alone for the “Barbeque Master” but instead TOGETHER we cook over a real fire on our “Ring of Fire”. An experience – for everyone! And of course we will make sure that nothing is missing. Chilled drinks are provided in the wheelbarrow. And the foods to be grilled or to accompany the barbeque are provided directly by the WALDWERK Restaurant: For example, home-made potato and bacon salad or a dessert of crepes with fried pineapple. And in between? Sausages and steaks, potatoes and vegetables with a variety of butters and sauces and of course with Einbeck mustard.

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Buffet “Ring of Fire” 2

Here see details of our offer.

Telephone bookings:+49 5551 607-0

price: € 49,00
(Price per person incl. currently valid sales tax)


The fascination of the kettle grill: the fact is that normally only one or two Barbeque Masters are involved but at our “Ring of Fire” everyone comes together and does his thing. Everything is friendly and cozy and happy and will definitely remain a happy memory. We prepare the starters, the meats, fish or vegetables for the barbeque and the desserts. For example tomato-Mozzarella with pesto, home-made BBQ sauces, herb butter and quark, medallions of pork, seabream filet, US beef, mushrooms and vegetables …

And how about finishing your meal with a pancake with cinnamon and sugar?

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